Microscope LED

High Power LED Light Source for Fluorescence Excitation


  The new compact Microscope-LED is a High Power LED light source for fluorescence microscopes.
  The High Power LED light source module at various wavelengths is an effective replacement of Hg and Xenon lamps in many fluorescence imaging applications.
  The LED driver supports CW or external TTL triggering with user controllable frequency and duty cycle.

Microscope   led

Currently the Microscope-LEDs are available at following wavelengths:
365 nm, 385 nm, 390 nm, 395 nm, 400 nm, 405 nm,410 nm, 415 nm, 420 nm, 425 nm, 430 nm,
435 nm, 440 nm, 445 nm, 455 nm, 460 nm, 470 nm, 480 nm, 500 nm, 515 nm, 535 nm, 540 nm
and 595 nm

Need two wavelengths?

See Dual-Microscope-LED 


  • Long life (no lamp replacement required)
  • Stable precisely adjustable power
  • Fast switching (TTL external input)
  • Narrow UV spectrum emission FWHM~10 nm
  • No Speckle
  • Lightweight, compact and robust head: 50mm x 50mm x 40mm


  • Fluorescence spectroscopy and Imaging

  • Photolysis of caged compounds

  • FRET

  • FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photobleaching)


Microscope Adaptors:
Olympus, Zeiss, Nikon

LED head:
50mm x 50mm x 40mm without the microscope adaptor.
BLCC-2 Benchtop Black-LED Current Controller:
75mm x 40mm x 120mm (W x H x L) without key switch and other extrusions
Power adaptor:
60mm x 35mm x 10mm (W x H x L)

Electrical Specifications:

BLCC-2Benchtop Black-LED Current Controller:
Input: 24VDC 1A
Power Adaptor:
Input: 100-240VAC 1.0A 47-63Hz
Output: 22-27V 1.1A 25Wmax

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